Directions for use

The optimum dosage of Garcinia Cambogia extract is 300 – 500 mg before each meal, while making sure that no more than 1500 mg are consumed per day. Some trials have shown that when taken 30 minutes before a meal, the HCA is enabled in due time to exercise its appetite suppressant abilities.

With a lifestyle change occurring only in terms of taking this supplement, the expected outcome is the loss of 2-4 pounds within a month. However, given the increased energy levels and inhibited urges for food it will be easier to opt for a lifestyle change, opting for healthier food and moderate exercise. This enquiry can boost the expected results and also improve the overall life quality of the user.


  1. Lucille Sanders says:

    Does this diet come with a special food and exercise program?

    • Michelle J. (moderator) says:

      The Advanced Garcinia Cambogia diet does not imply a certain food or exercise restriction. However, it is recommended to opt for a healthy food selection and engage in daily excising.

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